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Hey, I'm Jay Jackson, and when I transitioned out of the military in 2014, I knew I was professional, educated, and talented. I had started, grown, and sold multiple businesses. However, I didn't have the two most critical components necessary to succeed with an online business: Online Marketing & Sales Skills.

So for years, I went through the trials and errors of trying to figure out things alone because I didn't know anyone who could help me. 

I missed time with my family and friends because I was so focused and committed to what I believe is my mission and purpose.  

There were tons of late nights and early mornings of watching outdated YouTube videos, reading old Google articles, and subscribing to watch free webinars/masterclasses and challenges.

I'd get a client here and there but not consistently and predictably the way you must if you want to build a successful business.  

When I got tired of that, I committed to improving my results. The next thing I thought was, “Who the hell can help me?” Sadly, no one I knew at that time.

So I found a guy online and joined his Mastermind Program to get the info and relationships I needed to discover the secrets to growing a successful online business to change my results and make more impact and profits.

As a result, I've built a successful online Training and Consulting business with clients and teammates across the globe.

When I discovered the power of coaching and mastermind groups, I decided to take my 20+ years of leadership and business experience and teach other Coaches and Consultants what I know works. So, I designed The CEO Round Table to help Coaches and Consultants navigate through your most challenging business challenges using the collective intelligence of others.

I'm sure you're wondering, "How does The CEO Round Table work?" Well, a group of driven coaches and consultants meet weekly, or daily if it makes sense, to tackle the challenges and problems you are facing. 

You'll lean on each other, give advice, share connections and do business with each other so you can grow to your next level. 

I created The CEO Round Table because I understand what it's like to need access to the best information and a group of my peers who can share information, challenge each other, and hold you accountable.

Strategize & Grow With Other Leaders!

Collaborating with other leaders is the only way to make more impact & money without sacrificing your family, friends, and sanity.

Yes, “Your Network Is Your Net-worth.” Not because it sounds good. But because it is true.

You already know your current family and friends can’t help you get to your next level. If they could, they would have helped you already. So do you and them a favor, and join a passionate group of Coaches & Consultants like you.

I created The CEO Round Table to give you access to the best information and your very own advisory board. Inside, you will receive guidance and immediate feedback to support you in making the best decisions on what to do and not do in your business.

Don’t miss your opportunity to access the information and connections you need to build your business. 

Connecting and growing with other leaders is the only way to bring your dream to reality without tons of mistakes and wasted time and money.

What will your life and business look like when you build relationships with ambitious Coaches and Consultants - people who understand your challenges and want to help you overcome them?

What You Are Going To Get! ($29,999 Value)

6 Month Business Mastermind Program!

✅  SUPPORT: Solve problems together, share advice, and push each other to achieve massive success…

✅  SOUNDING BOARD: Review each other’s work, and help each other make the best business decisions…

✅  COLLABORATE: Leverage talents. Share resources. Exchange referrals. Create business opportunities….

✅  HABITS: Develop healthy personal and professional habits by observing how your peers think, speak, and act…

✅  FEEDBACK: Get honest advice. Refine each part of your personal and business strategy to correct course quickly…

✅  ACCOUNTABILITY: Strategize your business, accomplish your tasks, and continue learning to further growth...

When you join The CEO Round Table, I Personally Guarantee You Will...

✅  Craft your signature stories so you can thrill your audience, raise awareness, and spark engagement

✅  Create systems to improve your productivity & performance, reduce mistakes, save time & money

✅  Become a better leader and build your team and tribe to help you achieve your mission and vision

✅  Master the Art & Science of Sells so you can create Monthly Recurring Revenue for your business

✅  Become a better Marketer so you can communicate your value to the marketplace with ease

✅  Create your Signature Program to go from 1:1 to one-to-many - that means you make more impact

Get Instant Access To These Spectacular Bonuses ($10,996 Value)!

  • ​Monthly 30-Minute 1-on-1 strategy call ($500 Value)
  • ​Strategic Launch Guide ($999 Value)
  • ​The Ultimate Marketing & Sales Playbook ($2999 Value)
  • The Signature Program Blueprint ($4,999 Value)
  • ​Monthly 30-Minute Hot Seat ($10,000 Value)
  • ​Unlimited Access: Innovative Marketing Academy (Priceless)
  • ​24/7 text chat with me  (Priceless)

They Said It Not Me!

Jay Jackson has been my business coach for a year. He has taken my mindset and my business to levels I only dreamed about! I'm in the field of stenography. This is an extremely niche specialty. Jay Jackson is an extremely fast learner. He was able to understand many of the idiosyncrasies of my field and clients. He provided me advice that transformed my marketing tactics and time management habits, just to name a few. Because of Jay Jackson, I "work" a lot less. I'm much happier and I earn a lot more money. I made $7000 in 30-days. I highly recommend Jay Jackson's services for those wishing to improve their life in every aspect. Yes, every aspect.

Katiana Walton | CEO Reliant Reporters

Jay is an incredible coach and mentor. Since my journey as a mentee with him, I've gained comfort to be transparent and decisive in my decision making. He's taught me to embrace adversity and grow from each experience. His strategic approach in his training teaches you how not to become paralyzed by your circumstances. Because of his program, I am growing in my life as well as in my business. That's why I couldn't wait to thank him for helping me make it to the millionaires club.  

Audra Dukes | CEO Rosemary Bliss Organics

Become The CEO You Dream Of Becoming!

You believe you started your business because you have a dream of being a Coach or Consultant. The truth is, you started your company because you want to create a better lifestyle and future for your family and the people you love.

You have excellent skills you gained from education, working in Corporate America (the military) or life experiences.

At some point, you got the idea to start a successful business that allows you to become your boss.

I applaud you for believing in yourself and taking the leap. However, school nor jobs teach us how to operate as a CEO. Your lack of understanding has led to limiting beliefs, procrastination, and imposture syndrome.

A lack of relationships is why many businesses stay stuck at a financial plateau or eventually fail. According to the Wall Street Journal, roughly 200,000 businesses closed permanently in 2020.

Those businesses that thrived did so because behind them is a group of action-taking Coaches & Consultants that support them when times get tough. They also celebrate with them when they win.

Building a successful business is like raising a baby. And like a baby, your business requires support from people who care about you and want to see you win at each phase of your business's growth.

Your business reflects you and the people you spend the most time around. What you think, feel, do, say, and the people you spend time with show up in your business.

So if you don't surround yourself with people who want to help you grow, your business won't grow either. That's why you must secure your seat at The CEO Round Table now so that you can transform your skills as a CEO.

What will your business be like when you save time and money because you got access to the people and the correct information you need to improve your chances for success?

If that's what you want, click the button and instantly "Secure Your Seat At The Table."

What A Few Others Have To Say!

Jay is insightful. He helped me clarify my vision, construct a framework and launch my business. Without his patience and expertise I would still be talking about my dream of being an entrepreneur. I am now living my dreams and living a life I love. I would highly recommend Jay to anyone that is ready to bring turn their vision into a reality.

Dr. Felicia Haker | Leadership Development Coach

Jay is a lightning rod for transformation and change. Jay leverages his years of military and life experience combined with his ageless wisdom to connect with individuals and organizations at a cellular level, which allows for rapid and lasting change. I have had the privilege of working with Jay on both radio and community projects and as a result of those interactions the trajectory of both my career and life have be positively altered. Jay not only talks about transformational change but he embodies the philosophy. For those organizations and individuals looking for dramatic transformation and growth, Jay is your guy.

Chris Jackson | Managing Partner At Celeron, LLC

Jay is committed to his goals, his clients, and his purpose! He is open to connection and sharing his time to create great people and businesses! He is a direct communicator and shows up on-time, every time with a great attitude! He is passionate about helping you secure your success through entrepreneurship! I encourage Coaches & Consultants who are ready for business success to reach out to him!

Christina Unrein | Co-Founder Connection Lab Project

Mr. Jay Jackson is dedicated to helping you attain your goals and objectives when it comes to developing your business vision. He has helped me in professional relationship building, networking as well as with digital and on-line communications. Jay exhibits passion, determination and drive to improve himself and those around him every day. I highly recommend Jay to anyone seeking a business coach or mentor..

Greg Jenkins | Greg Jenkins Consulting

Become Friends With Jay Jackson!

Mr. Jay Jackson

Leadership EXTRAORDINAIRE & Business enthusiast

I'm an Air Force Veteran ☆ Serial Entrepreneur ☆ Investor ☆ Philanthropist & I'm on a mission to transform #1Billion lives.

I serve dynamic Coaches & Consultants by connecting them to the people and resources they need to fulfill their dreams.

When I'm not being a superhero for you, I love reading a good book, relaxing with my family, and drinking Crafts Beers - I'm an IPA man myself.

Throughout my career, I've successfully led operations in support of a $9B sustainment mission, oversaw teams of 50+ people, and saved organizations anywhere from $250K to $2.5B.

You'll discover that my life and business philosophies are rooted in proven Servant Leadership principles to help you boost your results without compromising your values.

I teach what I've personally implemented and documented from 15-years of starting, buying, and growing businesses.

My mission is to help you transform your business so you produce sustainable results forever.

Imagine what your business will be like when you have support and guidance when making your decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions...

How often will we meet?

We will meet once per week via an exclusive Zoom link.

What if I miss a session?

Each session is recorded and you will receive access to the replay.

How long is The CEO Roundtable program?

The CEO Roundtable is a 6-month peer-to-peer Business Transformation program. 

Is there a way for me to get paid as an affiliate?

Yes! As a member, you are eligible for 50% commission on any new member who joins from your referral for their lifetime.

Will we be able to share resources?

Yes! Sharing and receiving resources, advice, and knowledge from other members is imperative.

Can my spouse/business partner participate?

Yes, your spouse/business partner can secure a seat at a 50% discounted rate.

Will we meet in person?

Yes, we will meet quarterly (every 3 months) in different locations.

How much does it cost to join The CEO Roundtable?

The only cost is being in the same position 6-months from now, when you don't secure your seat at the table. Click the orange button and secure your seat, TODAY!

Will there be other mentors who teach?

Yes! You will learn from the education, training, and experiences of people in my network.

What if I have questions/challenges between sessions?

You'll have access to a private Voxer to share success stories, talk about challenges, and get ideas in between sessions.

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